Animation Workshop


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DATE:  26, 27 and 28 January, 2024. 

SCHEDULE: (Madrid Time)

Friday. 04:30pm to 07:30pm Stop. 07:30pm to 08:00pm 08:00pm to 11:00pm

Saturday.04:30pm to 07:30pm Stop. 07:30pm to 08:00pm 08:00pm to 11:00pm

Sunday. 04:30pm to 07:30pm Stop. 07:30pm to 08:00pm 08:00pm to 11:00pm

DURATION: 18 hours PRICE: 220€ LANGUAGE: English. Online Plattform: Google Meet.


Summary and recommended materials.


-        Presentation and portfolio

-        Different type of facial rigs and interfaces (examples)

-        Studying the anatomy of the face

-        Facial rig techniques

-        We will make the base structure of the face

-        Joints and skinning on a face

-        Advanced jaw system

-        Learn how to use the node editor, math nodes and constrains.


-        We will learn different techniques to elaborate brow rigs.

-        Motion paths, blendshapes, correctives.

-        Learn ifferent types of eyelid setups

-        We will elaborate an eyelid and eye socket setup that blends well together.

-        Learn how to use direct connections, set driven keys and the graph editor.


-        Mouth setup

-        Joints vs blendshapes

-        Different types of lip setups

-        Learn how to create ribbons.

-        Cartoon deformers for extra deformations on the face.

Recommended materials

Pc, Laptop or tablet. Autodesk Maya 2019 or newer


Bio. Héctor Abraham.

Character TD / Rigger at Walt Disney Animation.
Rigging Dojo and Gnomon Instructor
Mexican and Canadian PR

3D Rigger with experience in animated feature films and TV shows like:
- Moana (currently working)
- Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse
- Monsters at Work
- Alice in Wonderland Bakery
- Paw Patrol The Movie
- SpongeBob 3
- Max Steel Turbo

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