Animation Workshop

ONLINE 2Dfx WORKSHOP with Quentin Cordonnier.

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ONLINE ANIMATION WORKSHOP with Quentin Cordonnier.

DATE: 10, 11 and 12 May, 2024. 

SCHEDULE: (Madrid Time)

Friday. 04:30pm to 07:30pm Stop. 07:30pm to 08:00pm 08:00pm to 11:00pm

Saturday.04:30pm to 07:30pm Stop. 07:30pm to 08:00pm 08:00pm to 11:00pm

Sunday. 04:30pm to 07:30pm Stop. 07:30pm to 08:00pm 08:00pm to 11:00pm

DURATION: 18 hours PRICE: 200€ LANGUAGE: English. Online Plattform: Google Meet.

Summary and recommended materials.

Day 1 :
Introduction to 2DFX:
-A bit of theory is very important (approx 1/2hours)
 We will talk about:
-What is 2DFX
-the variety/types of FX
-the evolution of styles from Snow white (1937) to Arcane (2021) or Spider Verse (2023)
-its purpose : narrative and/ or esthetic.
-the difference between working on a tv show or on a feature film
-routine, warming up, discipline
-looking for reference, getting hyped before starting the day
Practise (rest of the day)
Shape langage :
-How to create appealing shapes that we can also animate.
-various fundamentals of 2DFX animation (spacing, bouncing, wave, tension points, etc...)
-How to create a short and smooth loop
Day 2 :
Morning :
We will animate a Fire loop
Afternoon :
We will talk about smoke animation ( basics : design, shading, types of smoke)
Day 3 :
We will talk about liquid animation and animate a Splash
Recommended material:
PC, Cintiq or Tablet, ToonBoom Harmony

*Frequent questions:

What happens if I can´t see the classes live one day?

No problem. All classes are live but will also be recorded and posted on our platform. So you can see them whenever you want throughout the duration of the course. This means that if you cannot attend your class live at the stipulated time, you will be able to see them on the platform until the end of the course. These video-classes posted on the platform can be viewed unlimitedly during the duration of the course, but they cannot be copied or downloaded. Recorded class can also be viewed for 6 mounths once the course is over.

When can I see the classes I did not attend live?

24-hour access to the virtual platform where you can consult all the information or documentation of the course, access all the classes that have already been taught or the proposed exercises. When, where and at the rate you want.

*For any question, do not hesitate to contact us at the

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